VCF - VALerie curry foundation - est. 2010


Our mission:

VCF holds true to the age old saying, “It is better to give than it is to receive.” and that’s how it all began in 2010. However, the foundations projects have surpassed the expected expiration date and the foundation has continued onward in to the future with its mission to help underprivileged youth, nationally and internationally.

    Our mission is to provide assistance in the way of food, clothes, shelter, or medical assistance to underprivileged youths whenever possible. This has been made possible directly, as well as with the teaming up with other non-profits in the wide world of charitable assistance. VCF strives to uphold the gold standard in charitable giving, that: “Donations received are utilized asap and reach the goal of their givers, being used appropriately and tactfully, as should be expected.

This means that with a gift to VCF, there comes the execution of the givers intention and their donation will be properly allocated to the cause of their liking without fail.” - from VCF  HQ

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